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Filling 3-Plug Anal Trainer Set

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Filling 3-Plug Anal Trainer Set
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Fill-er-Up! This set of graduated butt plugs is the perfect kit for anyone ready to experiment with anal play. Each plug is gently tapered with a rounded tip to allow you to slowly work up accommodating a larger sized anal toy. Grab some lube, go at your own pace, and let the smooth surface glide in, gently expanding you. The plugs narrow down to a smaller stem after you make it past the widest point, and a wide base keeps your toy in place and lets you easily retrieve it. The rich, semi-translucent pink material is slightly flexible, yet firm, and provides a striking visual appeal as you challenge yourself to move up from one size to the next. To clean, wash with mild soap and warm water, then spray with a toy cleaner and wipe dry. Store with other anal toys and do not mix with vaginal or oral toys.

Measurements: Large Plug: 5.25 inch overall length, 4.63 inch insertable length, 2.03 inch max insertable diameter, Medium Plug: 4.88 inch overall length, 4.25 inch insertable length, 1.48 inch max insertable diameter, Small Plug: 4.75 inch overall length, 4.25 inch insertable length, 1.27 inch max insertable diameter

Materials: TPE

Color: Pink

Note: Price includes all 3 plugs. Do not use with oil-based lubricants.

Key Features:

  • Set of 3 Plugs: Test out your anal depths with three different sizes! Each plug gets slightly longer and wider per size.
  • Tapered Tips: The round, tapered tip makes insertion easy.
  • Flanged Base: The wide, flanged base keeps this toy safe for anal use!
  • Semi-Translucent TPE: The semi-translucent TPE has a pink glow to it when exposed to light, giving it a unique look! Use only with water or silicone based lubricants so as to not damage the toy.
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