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Tyler SkinTech Realistic 7 Inch Dildo

$36.95 $26.99
Neither too big, nor too small, this ultra realistic dong is just right! Made of innovative SkinTech material, this cock is crafted to faithfully fulfill your penetrative fantasies. For when average...
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SC Novelties

5 Inch Open Tip Penis Extension

$29.99 $21.99
Open up your partner wider than ever before! This hollow girth expander slips easily onto your penis so that you can pound your partner with an all-new cock! Soft and flexible, but firm, this...
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Master Cock

Giant Black 10.5" Dong

$56.99 $40.99
Bulging with veins, this beast of a cock will massage your insides… if you can fit it in! A suction cup base allows you to mount this massive dildo to a smooth, hard surface and impale...
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New Arrivals

Ultra Glide

Eden Ultra Glide 8oz Silicone Lubricant

$35.99 $34.99
Take that intimate moment to the next level! Frustrated with constantly reapplying lubricants just when your partner is getting into it? Find yourself trying to clean up that messy and sticky...
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Ultra Glide

Eden Anal Gel 4oz Silicone Lubricant

$28.99 $25.99
For more comfortable and enjoyable anal sex, you need the right lube! This ultra thick formula provides extra cushion to prevent unwanted friction during backdoor bliss. This special formula will...
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Aqua Glide

Eden Aqua Pure 8oz Water Based Lubricant

$23.99 $22.99
Natural, Organic, and Made in the USA, EDEN Lubricant can be applied to any area of the body where extra lubrication is desired. Rest assured that you are using a top grade lubricant, made of the...
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Master Series

Mega Spade 10x Vibrating XL Silicone Plug

$79.99 $57.99
Now you can have the size and sensations that your body has been longing for. This enormous anal toy has a tapered tip that allows for a comfortable and gradual penetration until it is fully...
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Master Series

Voodoo Beads 10x Vibrating Silicone Anal Wand

$44.99 $32.99
Hand the remote off to your lover or hold onto it for more convenient solo use while you control these powerfully vibrating anal beads! Explore 3 speeds and 7 patterns of vibration as the wand...
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STRICT Catalog

Easily browse 16 pages of STRICT products in vibrant color! The 2016 full line catalog contains photos, SKUs, ad descriptions for products. It has never been easier to place your order!...
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