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4 in 1 Banging Bench with Sex Machine

Choose between a bouncy seat, or a sturdy, cushioned seat... then choose between a sex machine, your favorite dildo, or your partners face! The new 4 in 1 Bangin Bench is more versatile than ever,...

New Arrivals

Trinity Vibes

10X Solo Stroke Penis Teaser Wand

Stroke your shaft with this silky smooth teasing machine! Designed specifically for male pleasure, this teasing wand is perfect for couples needing a toy for the boys – the ergonomic design,...

Puppy Play Set

Everything you need to let out your inner puppy is included in this Puppy Play Set! This versatile set contains a silicone bone gag, flexible tail butt plug, and cushioned adjustable collar –...

10x Come-Hither G-Focus Silicone Vibrator

Experience G-Spot bliss with this specialized vibrator and clit stim combo! Specifically designed to stimulate the G-spot with its “come hither” motion – this silky shaft will...